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Premature Ejaculation (शीघ्रपतन) Treatment in Lucknow

Premature Ejaculation is most common Sexual problems in male in these days. The treatment of Premature Ejaculation is well-known by daily life style of patient. Efforts to identify Premature Ejaculation from Erectile Dysfunction need to be made. The precise history is that a people with Premature Ejaculation can get a stern erection, but loses the erection for of inability to control Ejaculation. People with Erectile Dysfunction normally have a less rigid erection initially, and lose their creation without ejaculating. Men who have Erectile Dysfunction from leakage,however, can have a rather rigid erection ejaculate without controller before losing the erection due to the erectile dysfunction medicine.

Research shows that a man took 10-20 minutes to ejaculates and early discharge is indicated as premature ejaculation. Gautam Clinic has researched out many of the Causes for premature ejaculation i.e. -

• Hormonal disorder or imbalance
• Urogenital infections
• Testicular injury
• Neurogenic causes
• Increased penile sensitivity
• Excessive drugs, smoking or alcohol
• Physiological and psychological factors
• Hyperness, depression or tensions

One needs to follow the treatment for 1 month to 2 months to get the effective results. People suffering from Premature Ejaculation are advised to consult with the Sexologist in Lucknow, direct visit or online consultation.

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